Interested in collecting some volunteer hours with Run the Rails race? We would love to have you! We have several opportunities to give back to our Union City community- just check them out below.
To sign up, send us a message on the contact form.  We look forward to running the rails with you!

October 14th

Union City, TN

Volunteer with Run the Rails!

Registration Volunteers

Our registration volunteers would be responsible for helping the Run the Rails team intake all the runners from our registration sheet, get the runners’ names and running numbers together, and keeping track of the runners and which race they are running. 

Set Up Volunteers

Set up volunteers would help with assisting the Run the Rails team with setting up the Run the Rails event in Kwanis park and surrounding areas. They are several stands, tables, chairs, and operations that will need to be up and running before the event begins.

Volunteer for Our Stands

Volunteers for stands consists of helping the Run the Rails team man the stations and stands we have for the day in the park and the runner stands along the race. 

Take Down Volunteers

Take down volunteers will assist in helping the Run the Rails team take down stands, tables, chairs, operations, ect. to help keep our community clean and make sure all Run the Rails material and equipment is accounted for. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer activities don’t stop there! There are plenty of ways to get involved and help the Run the Rails team before, during, and after the Run the Rails event. For more information, please contact us below or email [email protected]. We can be reached by phone at 731-885-0211

 Volunteer Sign Up